A Soft Touch Of Swansea City, Players Has To Start Being More Rude With Referees

In the recent game, the Swansea City club has been let down by officials in but the sad part is that there is nothing that the club can do for the poor referees… or is there? I talk about the club’s performance in the last week, and then it has yielded only one point from two games. And this is not just, in addition to bad points; the team also got lots of injuries. Jack Army sustained the heaps of frustration as well.

For me, the club should be thrown out of the game at times brutal Nottingham Forest side. At the time of first half almost all Swansea’s half break appeared to be met with a crunching tackle and many times with least obvious try to play the ball, according to my view.

A few moments before the half, the right-back of Forest Saidy Janko throws into ankle of Bersant Celina, leaving the Kosovan in pain. Because of the injury, Celina left the game in between, but remarkably Janko was allowed to continue playing the game.

The referee Scott Duncan showed him the yellow card, but he surely deserved the red one? Probably the most important duty of the referee that time was to protect the players and in my opinion by giving Forest so much leeway, referee amplified the chances that someone would also get hurt. And when it was inevitably boiled over, the next victim becomes the Celina.

When discussing the decisions of the referee, we heard many people saying the same thing that we said, but certainly it didn’t feel the same way when the Swans had to deal with another injustice at Stoke, in their next match. And it is also disappointing.

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