Bob Bradley secures his 1st win in charge of Swansea City

Bob Bradley was appointed as the head coach of Swansea City on October 3 of 2016 but it wasn’t until a few days ago when the American coach was able to snatch his 1st victory in the Premier League after his team overcame Crystal Palace in a thrilling match which concluded with a final scoreboard of 5-4.

It took the 58 year old American manager almost 2 months until he could land his 1st Premier League victory as the coach of Swansea City has been struggling trying to consistently get points in the top tier league and it’s because of this lack of consistency that Swansea City are currently drowning at the bottom of the league in the relegation zone.

When this Premier League match between Swansea City and Crystal Palace reached it’s end, Bob Bradley took some time to talk to the media as he said:

‘’This could be a turning point. Sometimes you just feel you need something crazy to change your luck and maybe this can be that moment.It’s been a difficult season, so much hasn’t bounced the right way for them, but they’ve come in every day with the right mentality and the character they showed here will pay off because we know it’s there and I know we will continue to see it and they deserved this for that but that won’t mean we don’t know that there are things that still need attention’’

‘’We need to enjoy this but it can’t be something where we just take the good part without looking at it deeper because you won’t . Being off the bottom is positive. We still have a long road ahead but we’re going to get there.”

Bob Bradley is hoping that this recent victory can be a turning point for him and his squad as they will need to start collecting more triumphs on a more consistent basis in order to escape the bottom relegation zone and try to survive for at least another season in the Premier League.