Monk Furious after Moses dive

Swansea City disputed their 8th Premier League match of the season against Stoke City in a game which concluded with the team of Garry Monk losing 2-1 with a late goal from Jonathan Walters securing the triumph for Stoke City as the hosts claimed the crucial victory at the Britannia Stadium.
This defeat was extremely bitter for Swansea City’s Garry Monk as the coach criticized Stoke City’s Victor Moses who was slightly touched by Angel Rangel and Victor Moses launched himself to the ground inside the penalty area of Swansea City and the referee allowed Stoke City on taking a penalty kick.
It was a rather clear dive but nonetheless, the penalty set-piece was awarded to Stoke City which proved to be crucial in the match as the hosts ultimately won the match with a narrow 2-1 scoreboard.
“It’s obviously a massive game-changing moment, for me it’s a disgusting decision. How he can’t see that’s a blatant dive is beyond me. For me, Moses has cheated the referee into making that decision. He should be punished for that. It’s clear cheating, one of the most blatant dives you’ll ever see. You go and watch a million games and you won’t see more of a dive than that. He should be ashamed of himself’’
That was just a sample of the rant that Garry Monk launched as he called Victor Moses a liar and that he should be ashamed of himself for his obvious dive which helped Stoke City in their 3rd triumph in this season of the Premier League.
The Football Association has been in contact with Garry Monk and the football authority is expected to make a decision on what action they will take concerning the recent rant which was launched by the manager of Swansea City. A sanction or punishment will most likely be given to Monk within the next few weeks or days.