Swansea’s head boss Michael Laudrup wants to make a similar loan deal to the one already completed with Gylfi Sigurdsson who made an impact with the team despite only having signed on a short term deal with Swansea.

Injuries have taken a toll on the team of Laudrup as he has to cope with the muscle strains of Jonathan de Guzman and Dwitch Tiendally as they joined the list of injured players of the club. A permanent deal involving any player from the transfer market might prove to be too costly for Swansea which is why Laudrup is hoping to instead sign some of his target players on a loan deal and see how it works out.

Laudrup said: “You can take players on loan who could come and help you or any club for the last four months of the season – the best example at Swansea was Sigurdsson who came in really had a huge impact and helped Swansea in a difficult moment and scored some goals.

“We could use one, maybe two, but not for a number but for someone who can bring something we think we need for a certain position, or something we don’t have.

“I don’t think we are in a situation where we can say we definitely want to look for players in Britain or abroad, it’s about what qualities we want from that player, what position we are talking about and what possibilities we have. There are a lot of other teams who may need players in the same position.”

Laudrup confirmed that he indeed has enough cash and a budget big enough to sign players on a permanent deal but stressed out the importance of having a player join a new club and see how he fits in with his new playing field.