Richmond Kickers play in division no. 3

Richmond Kickers play in division no. 3 in the Football structure in USA.

So, you would like to think they would not have Footballers of quality to beat or even make a Premiership side sweat too much.

Well, if that’s what you are thinking, then you should see the online streaming of the game they played against the visiting Swansea City yesterday because it would surprise you to say the least.

The Kickers never appeared weaker and in fact made the Swans look weaker with their pace and had the better of them by two goals to none, ending their tour, which was more than a week long, on a low.

Francesco Guidolin, however, played down Swansea’s poor performance saying the situation of the Kickers and Swansea is not the same. While, one is half way through the season, the other is coming off a break. Also, Swansea had a game a couple of days back. So, lower energy and pace in comparison to the Kickers was understandable.

Guidolin opines that the motive of the tour for the players was to build rhythm and they were able to do that in the two games as they did put in as much effort as they should have on the pitch. Also, he reckons not to have any injury incidents in the two matches is great news.

The 60-year old Italian said, “The opposition was really sharp, but, we were perhaps short on spark too which you can expect in the build-up to the season when it’s not really about the results, but, about achieving rhythm.”

“Touring United States is always wonderful. The temperature might be too high for our liking, but, it’s fine. We had a lovely time and we are returning happy.”